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Coupang Friends reveal the secret behind Rocket Delivery

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Coupang Friends Reveal The Secret Behind Rocket Delivery


At Coupang, we strive to use technology to break trade-offs for our customers, making prices lower, deliveries faster, and experiences richer through smart innovation. But did you know that the innovations that create wow experiences for customers are also creating a better work environment for our employees?

For example, the images below show the difference between a typical sorting system in the logistics industry, versus Coupang’s tech-driven, automated system. The auto-sorter saves employees from having to manually sort through over 100,000 packages per day, drastically reducing their work intensity. The system automatically identifies where each product is headed and sorts the packages by delivery area. “The auto-sorter even moves packages automatically, so I don’t have to put in much effort and can just organize them at my station,” said one delivery camp helper.


Typical sorting system (top) vs. Coupang’s auto-sorting system (bottom)  

The automated sorting also helps Coupang Friends, the company’s delivery drivers, get started on their routes quickly and easily. In the Korean logistics industry, delivery drivers have to sort packages themselves, a process that can take hours each day, and for which the drivers are not compensated. Meanwhile, Coupang Friends can simply load pre-sorted packages onto their trucks, which themselves are specially designed to help make their jobs easier.


Typical delivery truck (top) vs. Coupang’s custom truck

The Coupang Car is equipped with a sliding door on the side, along with shelves so that parcels can be easily organized and found. “I can load everything in a few minutes so I can be off to a quick start,” said a Coupang Friend.

PDAs help Coupang Friends through their entire routine for the day.

Finally, Coupang Friends are provided personal digital assistants (PDAs), which not only show them optimized routes to complete their daily deliveries but also display any returns or Fresh eco-bags that they need to collect. The PDAs even give Coupang Friends reminders of when they should take breaks to ensure that they are not overworked. 

“While working, I never miss my break times, because the app always reminds me to take a break 10 minutes in advance, and then shuts down at that time,” said a Coupang Friend. “This lets me wrap up my work for a while and relax properly.”

“Coupang’s tech innovations make life easier for workers and customers alike,” said a Coupang representative. “We will continue finding new ways to use technology to continue delivering wow experiences to customers while creating a safer, better workplace for our employees.”


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