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Coupang executive joined the Mayors of Taipei & Kaohsiung to explore the possibilities of ‘commerce without limits.’

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HL Rogers, the General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer of Coupang, spoke at the 2023 CommonWealth City Summit alongside Mayor Chiang Wan-An of Taipei City and Mayor Chen Chi-Mai of Kaohsiung City. They discussed how to create a smart living environment through technological innovation. Rogers delivered a keynote speech on "Commerce Without Limits: Breaking Traditional Tradeoffs to Improve Lives.”

Rogers said: “Commerce without limits means breaking traditional tradeoffs for customers, for suppliers, for the environment, and for the development and prosperity of the entire economy of Taiwan.”

"Our innovation arises from more than 2,000 tech employees, our deep investment in new technologies, and the wide adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning throughout our delivery network.’’

“What we’ve built in Taiwan so far is only a small fraction of the transformative e-commerce model we have built in Korea. We only launched our services in Taiwan 9 months ago and are off to an excellent start and growing at a rapid pace. Various business indicators have shown significant growth since the beginning of this year. Our drive to break tradeoffs will continue,” Rogers concluded.

Taipei Mayor Chiang and Kaohsiung Mayor Chen also shared their policy agenda on how to build smart cities using innovation, and they welcomed private sector companies investing in technology to improve the lives of citizens.

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