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Curious about what the future holds for Coupang?

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Daegufc Exterior

This FC (Fulfillment Center) in Daegu will tell you what the future holds for Coupang. 

Daegu is one of South Korea's largest urban areas. This metropolitan city is located in south-eastern Korea and it's also where Coupang launched its first Rocket Delivery service in 2014.

In 2022, Coupang opened a very special FC in the Daegu Industrial Complex. Are you curious about the secrets that are hidden in this FC?

Watch the video now.

  • Why Daegu FC is special  [00:17]
  • What happened after the Daegu FC opened in Daegu [01:09]
  • The reason why small local businesses love Coupang [01:50]
  • A quote from real customers, "Coupang is really special for us in Daegu" [02:12]