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Coupang’s forward-looking eco-friendly plans

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스크린샷 2023 09 07 오후 9.42.10


In the world of commerce, you can buy what you want anytime, anywhere. But scholars are focusing on what’s on the other side of this convenience — the environmental problems.

Coupang, who has been breaking the conventional wisdom in commerce, has become the main topic of discussion among ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scholars these days.

The green commerce strategy by Coupang puts Earth first in everything they do, from product packaging to delivery.

Watch the video now to learn more:

  • What is the relationship between e-commerce and carbon emissions? 🧐[00:14]
  • Am I the only one who didn’t know that Coupang's logistics infrastructure covers the entire country? [00:37]
  • The difference between Coupang and other companies [00:58]
  • Coupang’s eco-friendly delivery vehicles [01:38]
  • Scholar summarizes the core of Coupang’s ESG [02:00]


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