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Coupang leadership principles

Our leadership principles

At Coupang, we believe every person is a leader. Below are some of the key leadership principles that define our culture. Find out more by selecting a heading below.

We exist to transform customers’ lives for the better. The customer is the beginning and the end in every decision we make.

Leaders think like owners and act in the best interest of the entire company. We understand and consider upstream and downstream implications. We bring attention to problems within or outside of our department. We never say "get out of my kitchen" or "that's not my job."

To focus on what we must win, we give up what we want to do. Laser focus requires courage and confidence. Fast iteration and high-quality execution begin with laser focus.

Operational excellence requires hands-on leadership with a passion for detail. We dig down to the smallest details to gain a full understanding, which equips us to empower the right people and delivery results. No task is beneath us.

We build scalable processes with prompt feedback mechanisms. We take measures not only to fix defects, but also to prevent them in the future.

Constructive confrontation is essential to good decisions. Leaders challenge openly when they disagree. We do not compromise for social cohesion. Once a decision is made, we commit fully to ensure a successful outcome. Post decision, proponents and opponents are indistinguishable.

Complexity is the enemy of scale, speed, and customer experience. Leaders are fanatical about simplifying what they touch.

Leaders raise the performance level of the team with every hire and promotion. We hire for the long-term need. We recognize exceptional talent and invest resources to develop their full potential. We empower them to pursue growth through internal rotations.

Leaders deliver impact in timely fashion and with high quality. We do not confuse long hours or effort with results. We finish what we start. With grit, we work around dependencies and never let excuses stop us.

We aim for jaw-dropping results and work backwards. Goals are often set to what seems possible within existing conditions. We have the courage to aim high and then embrace/force/drive/propel any change necessary to deliver the “wow.”

Leaders lead by communicating their ideas clearly. We drive alignment through data and insights. We create an environment where knowledge trumps position.

We are hungry for the best ideas and seek them from all sources. We embrace growing pains. Ego is the enemy: we avoid rationalizing mistakes and are vocally self-critical.

Leaders have a passion for excellence and do not tolerate mediocrity. We hold ourselves and others to a high standard that we raise perpetually.

Leaders find ways to do more with less. We save costs rather than simply cut them. We do not skimp on a penny today if that will cost us a dollar tomorrow.

Urgency is a sense of crisis. We treat inaction as a threat to survival. We “learn by doing” and do not delay decisions to seek a “perfect” solution.