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Meet Lisa — Coupang Eats UX Design

Lisa, a seasoned UX designer at Coupang Eats, has been leading various design projects with her extensive experience. Today, we sat down with her to dive into her career journey, growth, and her experience at Coupang Eats. Let’s meet Lisa. 

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Employee stories |

Meet Steve — Coupang Eats UX Design

Coupang Eats designers are actively growing their careers in ways that suit their career paths. This extends to seasoned design leads who are exploring new design innovations. We sat down with Steve, who joined as an IC but grew into a team leader. 

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Meet Brown — Coupang Eats UX Design

In the Coupang Eats UX team, there is a special role apart from Product Designers, and that is the Content Strategist. We sat down with Brown, who is responsible for UX content at Coupang Eats.   

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In the community |

Coupang Design CONNECT — Designs that cross the line pt.2

Coupang's design approach is different from other companies. All decisions are based on data, and design is not limited to the screen.  Reflecting this culture, the 2023 Coupang Design CONNECT showcased cases of design that push the boundaries. .   

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Coupang Design CONNECT — Designs that cross the line pt.1

The theme of ‘2023 Coupang Design CONNECT’ was also pointedly ‘design that crosses the line’. 2023 Coupang Design CONNECT, held for the second year in a row, is a networking event of knowledge sharing with UX designers.  

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Meet Irin — Leader of Design System and Brand Experience

Coupang’s unique designs reflect a sophistically structured design system, brand assets and customer-oriented culture. We met with Irin, who leads Design System operations tailored to Coupang’s e-commerce environment, and Brand Experience.

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Employee stories |

Meet Bongwon — Product Design Director at Coupang

The Coupang Marketplace organization revolutionizes the entire process of e-commerce for those who want to start their business on Coupang. We met with Bongwon, Product Design Director, to find out more about the Marketplace Product Design team.


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Meet Zoe, Kacie, and Cat — Coupang Design

Meet Zoe, Kacie, and Cat who are in charge of Coupang's various products design. Introducing the leaders of the design team at the heart of Coupang's diverse products.

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Being a good design leader — Meet Amber & Nelly

What does it mean to be a good leader?  We met with Amber, who designs the overall purchase experience in Coupang app, and Nelly, who leads E-commerce UX in Korea and globally, to learn more about Coupang’s Design team.  

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Meet Rannie — Coupang UX Design leader

Coupang’s designers, researchers, and content strategists have been improving customer experience to respond swiftly to the ever-changing customer needs.  We met with UX Design leader Rannie to learn about the UX org and its visions.

WYS Blog(Diana)

Employee stories |

Meet Diana — Brand Designer for Employer Brand

“What’s your story?”  Meet the Senior Brand Designer in the Employer Branding team and learn how she — from day-to-day projects such as creating social media posts to bigger-scaled projects — creates consistent visual branding for Coupang.