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What made Seoul Women's University students visit Coupang's Information Security organization?

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On June 5, Coupang welcomed special guests at its Jamsil office. They were 25 students from Seoul Women's University studying Information Security. But why did they come to Coupang? 

The event was organized at the request of the university, which had expressed an interest in Coupang’s Information Security organization.  

"We are interested in companies that provide information security solutions and relevant government agencies. Vut we're also deeply intrigued by tech companies with a fast information flow. We wanted to visit Coupang because our students are eager to learn about how Coupang uses various technologies, such as AI, and its highly advanced information security systems."  Professor Eunjung Choi, Seoul Women's University 

At the event, Coupang introduced its teams and roles, as well as its information security systems. And the students also had a chance to engage with leaders from various teams of information security at Coupang.  

Brett, the Chief Information Security Officer, gave a welcome speech to the students, highlighting the immense value placed on information security at Coupang, whose service is used by tens of millions of customers. He also expressed his wish that the event would provide a first-hand experience of Coupang's efforts to deliver the best customer experience. 

Then, Aram, a Seoul Women's University graduate currently in charge of the security policies and training at Coupang’s Information Security, introduced her organization followed by a recruitment session designed to help the students with their careers. The students also visited the Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) and then participated in a casual chat session with the leaders from the organization afterwards. 

  • Coupang Security  

Unlike many other companies with a team of 10 or fewer, Coupang has one of the largest information security organizations in Korea with over 150 dedicated specialists in various fields — including regulatory response, policy, certification, infrastructure, awareness training, design and more. As of 2022, Coupang is ranked first in wholesale and retail and listed as one of the top 10 companies in information security staffing. Coupang is also heavily investing in information protection, ranking among the top 10 in all sectors and No. 1 in wholesale and retail with 4.5 times more investment than that of the second-ranked company. The company is committed to protecting customer information through rigorous data protection certifications and risk analysis. 

After the brief introduction on Coupang's Information Security organization, the students were given a closer look into how Coupang’s various services were securely protected through real-time monitoring at the Global Security Operations Center (GSOC). 

  • How we work at Coupang   

Team leaders of Security Engineering, Security Policy & Certification and other teams have also stepped up to the plate for the students’ career growth. Instead of the traditional one-sided company presentation, the leaders hosted small coffee chats with groups of 4 to 5 students, answering their career questions first-hand. 

Brown, who is in charge of recruiting for the Security organization, also shared details about Coupang’s hiring process and offered tips for applying to Coupang and more.   

Being introduced to the workings of Coupang’s Security organization, the students had a chance to design their own career paths. 

"Visiting Coupang’s GSCO was an experience. I felt the information security is well-managed with good systems in place at Coupang. Normally, balancing convenience and security can be a challenge. But I’ve realized that you can have the best of both worlds with well-built systems like Coupang." – Seo Woo Lee, student at Information Security Department 

"I wasn’t quite sure about what career path I should choose, but the coffee chat with Coupang leaders really got me thinking about my future career. This experience helped me explore potential career paths I hadn’t considered before." – Chae Rin Lee   

"As someone interested in becoming a malware analyst, I was unsure of which companies I wanted to pursue my career with. But the guidance and advice from Coupang leaders I met at the event was invaluable." – Seo Hyun Moon   

There are many female security professionals in the Coupang Security organization, including Aram, a Seoul Womens’ university graduate. We hope the talks from the event and first-hand experience of those who have took the career path in security will help chart students’ own. We hope to see the Seoul Women's University students who visited Coupang become the next generation leaders in information security.   


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