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Coupang's innovation "wows" Taiwan

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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the partners of Coupang's Rocket innovation, account for 76% of Coupang’s products.

Many SMEs dream of entering the global market with their high-quality products. And with Coupang, they had their dreams come true. With Coupang Taiwan Rocket Jikgu service, Korean SMEs can deliver their products from Korea to Taiwanese customers in just four to five days. The price of the product and the delivery fee is the same as it is in the local market.

Thanks to the fast and convenient delivery, Coupang became the no.1 app downloaded in Taiwan in just 6 months of launching. This means that Taiwan is now in the Rocket Delivery zone.   

Watch the video to learn more about Rocket Jikgu service in Taiwan and Coupang's innovation.

  • Why Coupang launched Rocket Jikgu Sevice in Taiwan [00:14]
  • Why it is so difficult to enter the global market? [00:21]
  • How to get Korean products from Taiwan easily and quickly [00:57]
  • The secrets to Coupang Taiwan Rocket Jikgu innovation [01:46]


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