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Who knew I'd be promoted to the head of the FC while still in my 30s?

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30대 물류센터장


Shay is the head of Coupang Anseong 4 Fulfillment Center and Leo is the head of Coupang Icheon 2 Fulfillment Center. Other than being the head of Coupang FCs, these two have a lot in common. They both joined the company in their early 30s when Coupang started to launch Rocket Delivery services. They started out with various tasks from driving forklifts to packaging. While the company grew over the years, so did their career. Now they are in their 8th year and are celebrating their last thirties as well as their promotion as the youngest head of Coupang Fulfillment Center.  

What do you have to do to be put on the fast track for a promotion? Shay and Leo answered in sync.

“At Coupang, anything is possible for anyone.”