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Meet Victoria — Tech Talent Sourcing Team

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Sourcingteam Cherry

Curious to know how Coupang strives to hire the best talents? The recruiting process starts with the Talent Sourcing Team. Sourcers are the first ones to reach out to candidates, build strong relationships, and share Coupang’s mission, vision, and goals. 

We met with Victoria, who leads the Tech Talent Sourcing team to hear about her experience and advice to working moms.


Hi Victoria, its a pleasure to meet you today. Could you please introduce yourself?  

Hello, my name is Victoria and I lead the Tech Talent Sourcing team at Coupang. Our team identifies and selects talents who have the potential to become leaders and participate in the development of Coupang, and we also promote Coupang to candidates not only in Korea but also internationally. My main role is to help hire executive-level world-class talent while managing my team.


Your role in the Sourcing team has greatly evolved during your time at Coupang. What do you think makes a good team manager?

What makes a good team manager in my opinion is the ability to support and understand one’s team and its members, so that their individual growth connects with their work and team performance. To be able to do so, it is important to understand whether to trust and wait, if there is a need for hands-on support or whether it is time to give them the push to help them reach the next level. This doesn't mean that I am that kind of manager, however it is the ideal type of manager that I aspire to be for my team.


As a working-mom, it can be challenging to manage work-life balance. What has been your experience at Coupang as a working mom?

Most working moms will already know this, but I think time management is the key. Juggling between work and childcare can become difficult without proper time management, leading to potential imbalance on both sides. Thankfully, Coupang is a company that offers benefits allowing every employee to manage one’s time autonomously and with flexibility.

Another important factor is one’s mental care. You can easily find self-development books and articles related to priority setting, time management, and “operational excellence” for working moms, but it's hard to find materials on how to rest well and take care of your mental health to avoid burn-out. Fortunately, I received help from Cou-care (Coupang Care Center). I usually don't have much time to rest physically, but through Cou-Care, I was able to learn how to separate working and living space as well as how to take mental breaks.


Any advice to the next generation of female professionals who would like to join Coupang? 

Since becoming a mother, there was always a question mark in the back of my mind: “How long will I be able to work professionally?” I could force myself to do both work and parenting, but I wanted to make sure I was doing my best and doing it right. Honestly, I had doubts as to whether this is really possible. I think there are probably quite a few people out there (not only moms but dads as well) with these concerns, but all those worries and concerns disappeared for me when I joined Coupang. The main reason being is the flexible work atmosphere that we have.  Seeing my team members strive every day to meet their goals with their own methods and passion, I gained the confidence that I could do it as a working mom. Also, there are several female leaders in the HR organization who have been a source of inspiration to me. They are the people I can look up to and one day, I can become a fellow teammate that others can rely on.


Lastly, tell us something you look forward to for you and your team in 2023. 

Although the role of talent sourcing is well known in the international recruiting market in the U.S and Europe, it is still unfamiliar to many in Korea. My goal is to create a strong Talent Sourcing team that other domestic companies would want to benchmark.