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Coupang's global female leaders spotlight series: Meet SauYee, Cathy and Tracy

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For Coupang, celebrating the accomplishments of female employees is beyond one day event on International Women’s Day. Women at Coupang are contributing to various innovations to improve wow our customers and Coupang is supporting them to foster further growth. In this three-part article series, we introduce seven leaders spotlighting their roles, thoughts and advice for others.   

Today we sat down with SauYee, Cathy and Tracy.   

SauYee is the Mobile Engineering Manager for Coupang Play in Singapore, the Over-the-Top (OTT) streaming service of Coupang. She plays a pivotal role in ensuring that customers have a seamless and enjoyable experience from the moment they search for content until they start playing it. Her extensive experience, spanning more than 17 years, has positioned her as a leader in her field, one who is leading a diverse team spread across different cultures and countries, including Singapore, Indonesia, and Korea.  


While the tech industry is often known male dominated, SauYee has seen firsthand the shift towards greater workplace with diversity and inclusion at Coupang. She believes that Coupang is improving the customers lives with diverse perspectives and backgrounds, leading to more innovative ideas. She predicts that Coupang’s efforts towards diversity and inclusion will set a positive example in the tech industry, gradually narrowing the gap for individuals.   

SauYee perceives Coupang values continuous challenges and results orientation. Emphasizing her commitment to her team members, she strives to deliver technological advancements and provide opportunities for them to excel, ensuring that no other factors interfere with their successful career journey.    


SauYee advises next leaders in the tech industry to continuously learn, develop their soft skills, and stay updated with the latest technology. Additionally, she stresses the importance of communication skills to manage different aspects of their roles effectively. SauYee encourages recognizing and rewarding those who deserve it and providing constructive feedback to those with room for improvement. She believes that success is not solely individual; it is built on the success of others, making collaboration and support within the team essential.  

Cathy is a Senior Brand Manager with the Consumer Direct in Hong Kong office, where she plays a pivotal role in curating an array of exceptional products to our valued customers and fulfil their needs of the evolving market.   

Her role includes developing and executing category strategy, conducting market research, analyzing customers’ voices, driving sales, increasing customer engagement and securing the best products from our partners.   


Cathy is an advocate to foster an inclusive workplace that values diversity and promotes equal opportunities. She believes that creating a supportive environment where everyone feels respected, empowered, and valued for their skills and contributions is crucial for promoting equal opportunities. Cathy understands that achieving this goal requires a multifaceted approach, one that includes addressing biases, embracing diversity, fostering inclusion, and leveraging technology to mitigate bias.  

Cathy expects that technology will play an increasingly important role in shaping an equitable and inclusive future. As a tech company, Coupang is at the forefront of the transformation because by harnessing the power of technology, companies like Coupang can create a more equitable and inclusive workplace where anyone can work from anywhere.   


Cathy's advice for young leaders is simple: believe in yourself. With determination and a commitment to growth, she believes that young leaders can pave the way for a successful career in leadership, one that is not just about personal achievement but about making a positive impact on the global.  

She also encourages continuously developing skills, embracing diversity and inclusion, and balancing ambition with self-care and embracing feedback to foster collaboration and support others on their leadership journey.   

Coupang opened a tech center in India in 2023, and this tech center continues to emerge as an important arena for Coupang Tech with new talents. So, the importance of crafting inclusive HR strategies becomes ever more essential. In this landscape, Tracy, the Senior Human Resources and General Affairs specialist in India office, spearheads the establishment of essential HR functions for Coupang India along with her manager and colleagues based out of other global offices. She also leads and supports tasks related to the set-up of HR operations in India.  


One of Tracy's primary endeavors is to create an exceptional onboarding experience for new employees and foster a supportive work environment. She collaborates with a diverse range of Coupang teams and aims to create a workplace culture where everyone feels valued and empowered, setting the stage for Coupang’s success. Her role contributes to Coupang’s success by ensuring that our HR practices align with the unique needs of the Indian market, nurturing employee engagement, and retention.  

Tracy attributes her career journey to her role model who exemplified a unique ability to navigate challenging situations with empathy while maintaining a sense of decisiveness. Also, she credits her manager, who is a mentor of hers, for providing genuine guidance and insights from own experience, while acknowledging the unwavering support of her colleagues.   


As someone who is inherently curious, she finds that growing and developing in her role involves a continuous process of learning and unlearning shaped by various experiences. She advises seeking out mentors and building a strong professional network. She acknowledges the pivotal role colleagues and mentors have played in her aspiration to continue advancing in the HR field, with a desire to eventually lead and thrive as an HR leader.   


Coupang strives to create a work environment where everyone can be themselves. Coupang empowers our employees to reach their full potential and believes that a diverse and inclusive work environment is essential for fostering innovation and to build the future of commerce.  

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