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[Coupang Pay] Let's meet up and have fun!

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At Coupang Pay, we believe the positive experience we offer to our employees will contribute to increasing their engagement at work and make them want to work with us for a longer time. We are working to develop new programs so that our employees enjoy their time spent at work.  


As you all know, COVID-19 and the social distancing measures that followed made things even more difficult for the employees to become close with one another. WFH (Work From Home) arrangement became the new norm and new employees found mingling with their colleagues to be challenging. Coupang Pay thought carefully on how to improve this. 


And after receiving feedback from our employees, we decided to launch ‘Meet-up Day’, a new engagement program. 


“What is Meet-up Day?“ 


Meet-up Day is a program that enables Coupang Pay employees to have various activities (workshop, training, culture activities, team meals, etc.) with colleagues either online or offline. Meet-up Day is for two employees or more. The budget allocated for this program is 100,000 KRW per employee per year. It’s a good opportunity to enjoy sports or have a fancy meal and catch up with your colleagues  you haven’t seen in-person for a while.  


The Meet-up Day program was launched in the first half of 2022. Would you like to see what fun activities they had so far? 


“Type 1: Fun activities” 


It’s so much fun to enjoy the activities together — the more, the merrier. 


Fintech UX team members went to an exhibition together to gain great inspiration.  

QA and IT Support team members went to see a newly released movie. 

AML Operations team members learned about each other and their personal colors. 

The Data family (Data Platform, Data Science, and Data Analysis teams) visited a craft brewery and even made their own beer. 


 < Fintech UX > 


<QA and IT Support> 


 <AML Operations> 


<Data Platform, Data Science, and Data Analysis> 


The above teams enjoyed unique experiences. We wonder what kind of fun they will have during the Meet-up Day in 2H 2022. 


Type 2: Sports” 


There is no better way to get closer to each other than playing sports together. 

Coupang Pay Interpreters and Translators played bowling. 

Fintech Merchant went hiking and wrapped up the day with good Korean beef. 

<Coupang Pay Interpreters and Translators> 

<Fintech Merchant> 

Fintech Payment and Fintech Paylater teams took the liberty of submitting their Meet-up Day proposal. I wonder whether they completed all their plans (wakeboarding, water skiing, etc.) 😊. 

 <Payment & Paylater> 


 <Meet-up Day proposal: “Two teams, one mind”> 


“Type 3: Great food and great company”  


Coupang Pay employees’ top choice for the Meet-up Day was having a meal together. It seems the employees couldn’t wait to see each other and have a nice meal and drinks. 😊 A nice meal is always great for catching up and learning more about each other. Hope they had a refreshing and relaxing time. 


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Coupang Pay will continue making efforts to offer a better experience to our members. If you are interested in Coupang Pay’s other programs, please join our journey as we open a new chapter in this fintech era. 


Coupang Pay is now hiring. 
If you are interested, please check the link for details. 

We ask for your continued attention to our company.