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Coupang’s AI: The future of commerce

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Coupang’S AI The Future Of Commerce

Korea has long been a global leader and pioneer in information technology, with one of the highest internet penetration rates and fastest internet speeds in the world. The country has also been quick to embrace e-commerce, currently ranking in the top five largest e-commerce segments globally and on track to become the third largest in just a few years, behind only China and the U.S.

These trends have set the bar for e-commerce very high among Koreans, as its residents expect fast and convenient services in line with the country’s IT leadership. To wow our customers and exceed even these high expectations, Coupang has implemented the latest technologies throughout our entire logistic network.

Central to these technologies and our infrastructure is our artificial intelligence, which coordinates and optimizes our operations to enable the fast, safe, and convenient deliveries that our customers have come to love. From predicting order volume even before customers place an order down to where each item should be placed on each truck for optimal delivery, our AI coordinates our systems and people every step of the way. 

In this video, take a glimpse into what the future of commerce looks like with Coupang.