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[Fintech] Korea Fintech Week 2023

Coupang Pay took part in Korea Fintech Week 2023, a global fintech fair held from August 31 to September 1. Here’s a glimpse of Coupang Pay’s first foray into Korea Fintech Week.

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Employee stories |

Welcome to our Brand New Office

Recently, there was an office relocation for Coupang Pay and Coupang Financial. We longed for the opportunity to work together in a single space as the Fintech One Team, and we are thrilled to have the chance to share a floor at the Jamsil Office.

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Employee stories |

Different but better

The TPM & SRE team of Coupang Pay is has members with three different roles. We spoke with Bert, who is leading the team. He exchanges ideas with his team members who have different roles, which makes the conversation richer and more interesting.

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We work to simplify the way we work.

Having a system that organizes all business processes in one place enables enterprise-wide sharing of information and resources, which plays a crucial role in quick decision-making and work efficiency. Meet Jessica the Fintech ERP team’s leader.


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[Coupang Pay] 2022, A memorable year ends

At the turn of this year, we would like to highlight some of the great moments that Coupang Pay and Coupang Financial have shared together.

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A facilitator always looking for the best solution

Coupang Pay is continuing its journey towards delivering the most convenient payment experience to the customers even as we speak. This time we met Theo, the leader of the Front-end team whose mission is to improve customer experience.


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Greater convenience to more people — The story of Edwin

As a back-end engineer and the leader of the Coupay team, Edwin has taken on numerous challenges and made remarkable achievements. This time, we have invited Edwin who has just marked his one year with us to learn about his story.


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[Coupang Pay] Let's meet up and have fun!

Meet-up Day’ is a new engagement program just launched by Coupang Pay in the 1st half of 2022, which enables the employees to enjoy various online/offline activities with their team members. Let’s take a look!

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Grow together, be the best team — The story of Rapha

Fintech Merchant is a team at Coupang Pay that engages in varied tasks over a wide range of domains. We have selected Rapha, the leader of Fintech Merchant, to learn about the culture he wants to build for his team and his ideals about Coupang Pay.