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Staff Software Engineer [Gateway Services, Backend]

Location Seattle, USA


The Gateway Services team is responsible for building Coupang’s infrastructure layer in a distributed microservices architecture for service-to-service communication including discovery, load balancing, failure recovery, metrics and monitoring. Develop and implement enterprise-wide fine-grained control of traffic behavior with rich routing rules, retries, failovers, and fault injection. Use management plane for managing the policy layer. Manage a pluggable policy layer and configuration API supporting access controls, rate limits and quotas. Secure service-to-service communication in a cluster with TLS encryption, strong identity-based authentication and authorization.

We are looking for an engineer who has deep understanding of app in a distributed system, hands-on experiences in managing, using, Identiy provider, Kubernetes, gRPC and service mesh. You will be responsible for designing the architecture and driving the team to deliver a modern platform that powers all Coupang’s internal services.  

  • Design, build service mesh (Istio) components while collaborating actively as part of a small, highly talented team.
  • Write back-end APIs using REST/GraphQL/Hibernate using the Springboot and python frameworks.
  • Architect workload and service management infrastructure.  
  • Hands-on develop critical infrastructure components. 
  • Decompose complex problems into simple, straightforward solutions, providing mechanisms for the teams to prioritize ruthlessly and “move with urgency”.
  • Demonstrate excellence resulting in scalable systems and services with the highest quality architecture and design.
  • Dive deep into critical system issues, proactively addressing similar root causes, and raise the bar on Operational Excellence.
  • Collaborate with other Coupang tech leaders to make the service extensible to unlock opportunities for innovations.

    Preferred Qualifications  

  • Strong experience in Service Mesh (Istio) features like rate limiting, authentication, authorization, load balancing, throttling, routing.
  • Deep understanding of network components like virtual networks, route tables, subnets, and gateways.
  • Experience in configuring Istio control plane, management plane and Ingress gateway.
  • Deep understanding of modern web applications design architecture, good API design patterns, performance and scale.
  • Experience in traffic management including request routing, connection timeouts, circuit breaking, mirroring and fault injection.
  • One who has experience in CI/CD pipelines, Yaml and AWS cloud.
  • One who has experience in Kubernetes, gRPC and go language.
  • One who has experience in concurrency, multi-threading, synchronization, and non-blocking IO. 
  • One who has a deep understanding of operating system kernel and distributed system such as Kafka, Cassandra and Google Spanner.  
  • Ability to handle multiple competing priorities in a fast-paced environment and leading the delivery of large-scale services for complex business offerings.
  • One who is capable of or is fluent in English communication.  
  • One who has a master's or PhD degree in computer science or other related technical fields.