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Staff Engineer, Inventory, Promise and Fulfillment Optimization (IPFO) (FTS, Fulfillment and Transportation System)

Location Seattle, USA


Coupang relies on technology to provide on-time, fast delivery of products to customers every day. Inventory, Promise and Fulfillment Optimization (IPFO) organization optimizes the real-time distribution of customer orders to FCs nationwide and supports the most efficient order fulfillment process. Building highly available and scalable systems to handle billions of order & delivery transactions and support Coupang’s rapidly growing Product Commerce business is a complex architectural challenge. We are responsible for delivering products to millions of online shopping customers by improving order reconciliation with technology. To deliver on this challenge, we are looking for an experienced and passionate engineering leader who can drive direction on technology, design and build large-scale, multi-tiered, distributed software solutions. The ideal candidate will have excellent engineering skills, business sense, and rich experience leading the build of extensible and scalable solutions to solve complex business features. 

JD Link: Job Description_Staff_IPFO_Seattle_FTS.docx