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Staff Back-end Engineer

Location Shanghai, China


Key Responsibilities:  

  1. Service development based on Micro-Service Architecture
  2. Define product characteristics to find the same product and develop technology to utilize them
  3. Design and develop the DL model training and serving platform
  4. Investigation, learning and utilization of best practices inside and outside the company



Basic Qualifications:  

  1. 5+ years of experience in software development
  2. Java, Spring framework-based development expertise
  3. MSA-based service development experience
  4. Experience in using large-scale data processing technology (EMR/Hadoop/Spark, etc.)
  5. Motivation in learning new things(ML, DL, etc)


Preferred Qualifications:  

  1. Experience in successfully enhancing key business metrics using machine learning
  2. Realtime DL model serving
  3. Elasticsearch utilization and operation experience
  4. Experience in developing/operating services in environments such as AWS and Docker