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Software Engineer

Location Seoul, South Korea



Do you want to join the world’s fastest growing e-Commerce company? Do you want to be part of the team that impacts tens of millions of online and mobile consumers? Do you want to build products from scratch and be able to shape the product vision and roadmaps? Coupang is the place! Coupang is the world’s fastest growing e-Commerce company and South Korea’s answer to Amazon. Coupang is currently valued at $5 billion. In only its fourth year, Coupang boasts over 20 million subscribers and annual revenue run rate over $2 billion. It is the #1 player in mobile e-commerce in Korea, which is a massive $50 billion market opportunity. Korea's e-commerce market is the 4th largest in the world and keep growing fast. 

Coupang’s goal is to provide a consistent shopping experience that blends both “discovery” and “intent” based shopping with superior product selection and customer service. We enable this via our innovative mobile application, optimized delivery network, as well as leveraging a highly scalable platform and best in class data analytics.  



You will be responsible for the Query Understanding systems, stably serving cutting-edge machine learning and NLP technologies in understanding customers’ search intents and ensuring the search results are relevant to the queries. The systems seek Highly Scalable and Reliable services-oriented architecture to support large-scale online traffic. You will improve and build the query understanding systems integrated with other search systems so that provide the best search experience for Coupang customers. 



Some project examples include: 

  • Query Rewriting Service: Analyze and rewrite customer queries to more accurately express their search intentions. 
  • Online Inference Service: Provide inference results for customer search requests in real time using a large deep learning model. Evolving to MLOps including model CI/CD. 
  • Data pipelines: Generate search data related to the query understanding. 
  • Back-office systems: Tools to manage search-related data and systems. 


Who we are looking for  

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science 
  • 3+ years of building enterprise systems 
  • Experience in designing, building, and operating large-scale services 
  • Experienced in Web Service, API, Cloud environment 
  • Experience in object-oriented programming and expertise in other languages, such as Java 
  • Possess the ability to proactively respond to problems/failures and diagnose them in advance 



  • Master's degree or higher in Computer Science 
  • Experience at search engine or e-commerce domain 
  • Experience with handling large data volumes in a distributed environment – ideally with both backend data processing and web tier data management 
  • People with open mind set and would like to explore new territory of technology and go deep on domain knowledge 
  • A passion to explore, improve, automate, and optimize distributed systems and tools. 
  • Those who can communicate in English 

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