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Senior Manager, Workday System & Operation

Location Seoul, South Korea


Company Introduction

Coupang is reimagining the shopping experience with the goal of wowing each customer from the instant they open the Coupang app to the moment an order is delivered to their door. Powered by an outstanding end-to-end e-commerce and logistics network and a fanatical culture of customer centricity, Coupang has broken tradeoffs around speed, selection and price. Today, we provide exceedingly fast shipping speeds on millions of items including fresh groceries, delivered within hours nationwide, 365 days a year. We are doing this for millions of consumers in Korea. Korea is home to one of the largest and fastest growing e-commerce opportunities anywhere in the world. 

Job Overview

Coupang Workday HRIS Team is a global team which has team member in Korea, China and US. The team responsible for Coupang Global Workday system operation. We use our professional Workday system technical ability to work with global HR teams on Workday system solution upgrade. The work process stages including requirement analysis, system solution design, system solution implementation, testing, change live, post go-live supporting, administration, etc. The scope of Workday HR function modules includes Core HCM, Compensation, Time Tracking, Talent & Performance, Absence, Security, Report, etc. The scope of countries and regions of operation includes Korea, China (include Hongkong and Taiwan), US, Japan, Singapore, etc. Total more than 30000 workers.

What you will be doing:

  1. Quick response to stakeholder’s requests or questions about Workday.
  • Identifying the type of requests promptly, e.g., daily usage problems, workflow issues, system bug or new requirements and then you could decide by yourself and reply to stakeholders what is the next step.
  1. Requirements collection and analysis.
  • Understanding Coupang HR business and HR Team structure from high level.
  • Fast distinguishing related Workday modules and functions based on user’s requests.
  • Collecting information about requirements in quick and various ways, including cooperating with HR Teams or internal team, learning legal policies, reading news or literature or professional books.
  • Digging into problems behind the request, analyzing business purpose, thinking about whether there is an easy and quick workaround; precisely estimating the impact, if it is an individual case, whether it is worthy to taking time and effort to do research, or if it is a common issue, how to determine priority and urgency.
  1. Solution design for new requirements and system existed issues
  • Fully researching influence on system configuration resulted from new requirements/ Completely discovering root cause.
  • Analyzing feasibility of solution.
  • Utilizing Workday Community and other Workday official tools expertly.
  • Providing best practice based on learning Workday product logic.
  • If Workday solution has some shortcomings, providing alternate solutions.
  • Considering data accuracy, user-friendliness, system scalability and rigorous logic into solution design.
  • Following Workday methodology, fully considering priority and resource management, making proper timeline with stakeholders.
  1. System implementation and Issue fix.
  • Doing jobs based on Coupang implementation process, recording all configuration changes in word or excel.
  • Fully considering system performance during implementation.
  • Well organizing user testing.
  • Migrating configuration into PROD tenant precisely, complete Peer Review and Post Go-live Review timely.
  • Inviting users to validate setup and closing tickets.
  1. Other responsibilities:
  • Daily Operation, efficiency improvement, risk management.


Basic Qualifications :

  1. Multiple language skills :
  • It is preferred that your English is fluent, and you can speak Korean/Chinese or that you are native Korean/ Chinese speaker, but you could use English for daily communication.
  1. Communication Skills :
  • You are polite and have consciousness of customer service. You could patiently and professionally answer questions from Workday Users who are coming from different countries and regions and having different background.
  • You would communicate with others in a good manner.
  1. Workday Knowledge :
  • You are required to have experience and knowledge of Workday HCM and other modules like Absence, Time Tracking, Performance, Compensation.
  • You should master at least one Workday Module: HCM, Absence, Compensation, Time Tracking, Talent, Performance.
  • You are familiar with Workday security setup and EIB loading.
  • You could work independently on experienced module, including providing solution design or solving problems by your own.
  • For less-experienced modules, you are also able to provide solution or fix issue with the help of other members.
  • You should master Workday methodology, implementation method and migration tool.
  1. HR Knowledge:
  • You should own basic knowledge on HR business, like Onboarding, Termination, Transfer, Probation Period, Contract Management, Absence and Time Entry, Performance and Recruiting. You must master one of them.
  1. Other Capabilities:
  • Systematic Thinking: systematic thinking is important for this job; we hope you are good at analyzing and distinguishing all kinds of requirements.
  • Global Thinking: whenever you do job, you have company-wide perspective.
  • You have good negotiation skills, you could manage stakeholder’s expectation, for some unreasonable requests, you would refuse them firmly and politely.
  • You understand IT audit regulations.
  • You could face work pressure rationally and manage it well.
  • You are respectful, honest, and consistent.
  • You have project management awareness.

Additional requirements: 

  • You are a master on Project Management.
  • For complicated projects like big workflow change or brand-new workflow design, you can offer best practice, assess risk, evaluate resource, make plans, and implement it.
  • You look on big picture and ignore personal gain and loss during collaboration.
  • You could adjust yourself to these changing circumstances, you are always chasing the best cooperative method, you are goal-driven, and you are willing to put effort to achieve the goal.

Preferred Experience:

  • 2+ full lifecycle implementation of Workday HCM modules, for global organizations.
  • Workday Functional implementation consultant experiences, working for Workday or any implementation partner.
  • Experience in providing operations support and maintenance of Workday HCM system for a global organization.


Recruitment Process and Others:

Recruitment Process  

  • Application Review - Phone Interview - Onsite (or Virtual Onsite) Interview – Offer
  • The exact nature of the recruitment process may vary according to the specific job and may be changed due to scheduling or other circumstances.
  • Interview schedules and the results will be informed to the applicant via the e-mail address submitted at the application stage.

Things to Consider  

  • This job posting may be closed prior to the stated end date for application if all openings are filled.
  • Coupang has the right to rescind an offer of employment if a candidate is found to have submitted false information as part of the application process.
  • Coupang does not discriminate against disabled applicants or those with veteran status. We are proud to offer equal opportunities for all applicants.

Privacy Notice 

  • Your personal information will be collected and managed by Coupang as stated in the Application Privacy Notice located below. 



Document Return Policy

  • This notification is given pursuant to Article 11 (6) of the Fair Hiring Procedure Act.
  • A job applicant, who has applied but not been finally selected for a position at Coupang (the “ Company ”), may request the Company to return his/her hiring documents submitted pursuant to the Fair Hiring Procedure Act. However, this will not apply where the hiring documents were submitted via the website of the Company or e-mail, or where the job applicant submitted those documents voluntarily without a request from the Company. In addition, if the hiring documents were destroyed due to a natural disaster or any other reasons not attributable to the Company, such documents will be deemed to have been returned to the job applicant. 
  • A job applicant who wishes to request the return of his/her hiring documents pursuant to the main sentence of paragraph 2 above should fill out a “Request for Return of Hiring Documents” [Annex Form No. 3 in the Enforcement Rule of the Fair Hiring Procedure Act] and submit the request to the Company by email ( ) In such case, within fourteen (14) days from the date of identifying the receipt of the request, the Company will send the hiring documents to the job applicant’s designated address via registered mail. Please be informed that the job applicant is required to pay the postage on the registered mail. 
  • In preparation for a job applicant’s request for the return of hiring documents pursuant to the main sentence of paragraph 2 above, the Company shall retain the original hiring documents submitted by the job applicant for 180 days from the completion of the recruiting process. If no request is made until the end of this period, all of his/her hiring documents will be destroyed immediately in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.

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