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Senior Data Analyst (Pricing & Retail Intelligence)

Location Seoul, South Korea


직무 설명

What you will do:
1. Develop business operations related decision-making systems to improve the efficiency of business operations
2. Analyze domain data to provide insights and help develop key metrics
3. Explain reports, algorithm details, and results to both technical and non-technical stakeholders
4. Prioritize the metric development requests and lead the junior BAs to support key business initiatives in the company
5. Keep the developed reports and systems up-to-date, including learning and deploying new technologies, both in methodology and in technical / software
6. Document project deliverables and decisions made as well as final results
7. Work with stakeholders to identify project requirements, translate them into tasks, and lead teams to have tasks completed on time with high quality
8. Train and mentor junior team members

1. Master Degree in math, statistics, other technical or business fields
2. 5+ Job years experience in data science, business analytics and other quantitative fields
3. Excellent skills in SQL
4. Proficient in English (nice to have as well)
5. Strong presentation and communication skills
6. Good understanding of statistical analysis and algorithm design
7. Experience to initiate and drive analytics projects and deliver actionable insights and recommendations to business
8. Experience working with stakeholders in requirement identification and final delivery for features and analytical projects

1. Experience with creating Tableau (main tool for visualization), Grafana, or similar GUI based reports
2. Relevant working experience in retail/e-commerce business (nice to have)
3. Experience with data analytics tools such as relevant Python libraries, Spark, R as well as engineering tools such as GitHub and Airflow (very good to have – Python, Spark, R)
4. Experience with documentation and project management tools (Wiki, Jira, Gannt charts, and similar) as well as final result presentation (such as Powerpoint)