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Director Retail Selection Excellence

Location Seoul, South Korea


We are the fashion retail excellence team. Our key focus is to improve the retail input metrics on selection, pricing and availability. We identify areas through which we can fulfill our customers requirement and work backwards to build projects/programs which helps us achieve the above goal. 

You will focus on three key areas: 1) Improving User Experience, 2) Shopper Insight driving selection improvement, 3) GMS growth through on-site activities.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Define problem statements with a focus on the customer and explore initiatives to improve UX. 
  • Use ML/AI to build shopper insights to arrive at right selection.
  • Plan new programs for better customer experience, define existing program issues, which are shared with stakeholder teams and present improvement plans.
  • Convince leadership and stakeholder teams to implement programs based on data-driven insights to get tech support.
  • Set measurement criteria to deliver optimal results and analyze. Continuously monitor for improvement. 
  • Build SOP and policies, and present process improvement to allow seamless operations between multiple stakeholder teams. Interview stakeholder teams to define requirements and handle issues. 
  • Analyze and diagnose operation process in detail to identify defects and areas of improvement, provide suggestions, lead projects in planning, designing and implementing verification programs and processes for improvement, discuss with senior management and owner teams. 


Essential Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree or higher (MBA, MS) preferred. 10+ years of experience in UX, business and project planning initiatives, leading and execution.
  • Experience in Retail, E-commerce and project planning, Data analytical skills.
  • Proficient business English skills.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Proficient business English skills. AI/ML experience is preferable.