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Coupang Fulfillment Services

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Why CFS?

Coupang boasts an extensive network of its own logistics centers, capable of accommodating millions of items. With a presence across over 100 locations in 30 cities nationwide, our facilities cover an impressive 4.7 million square meters.

As a subsidiary of Coupang, CFS (Coupang Fulfillment Services), oversees the operation of Coupang’s fulfillment centers. Its innovative system has paved the way for Coupang’s next-day delivery service, ‘Rocket Delivery,’ and is consistently expediting the processing of customer orders.

Equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure, our DAE FC (Fulfillment Center) stands as a testament to our commitment towards commerce innovation. It ranks among the largest fulfillment centers in Asia and harnesses innovative technologies such as AI and automated robotics to offer quicker deliveries at lower prices, while promoting a safer and less strenuous working environment for workers.

CFS is dedicated to offering stable and high-quality jobs by directly employing all of our FC workers nationwide. We will continue to invest in and strive for more advanced working conditions, setting new benchmarks within the logistics sector.

Business Model

CFS’ FCs (Fulfillment Centers) are more than just ordinary warehouses. They are state-of-the-art facilities that leverage big data to deliver an optimal logistics system. We collaborate with experts from diverse fields — IB (Inbound), inventory management, sorting, OB (Outbound), and returns — to make Rocket Delivery a reality.

Fresh Center is a cold storage warehouse that handles fresh food items for Rocket Fresh, the largest online grocery shopping service in the country. Rocket Fresh delivers fresh products to customers’ doorsteps within hours of receiving an order through Coupang’s nationwide Rocket Delivery network. Furthermore, it is taking the lead in reducing carbon footprint by using the reusable, eco-friendly delivery bag, ‘Fresh Bag.’

FF (Flex Fulfillment) offers on-location logistics services to fulfill various business needs.

VF (Vender Flex) is an eco-friendly delivery system that ships large-volume products directly from suppliers, thereby reducing carbon emissions associated with product transportation.

WF (Water Flex) dramatically streamlines the distribution process, ensuring fast and safe bottled water delivery.

MF (Mobile Flex) is a revolutionary delivery solution that swiftly delivers super-fresh items, such as clams and strawberries, directly from their production sites to consumers nationwide.

Life at CFS

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Curious about what the future holds for Coupang?

Daegu is one of South Korea's largest urban areas. This metropolitan city is located in south-eastern Korea and it's also where Coupang launched its first Rocket Delivery service in 2014. In 2022, Coupang opened a very special FC in the Daegu Industrial Complex. Are you curious about the secrets that are hidden in this FC? Watch the video now.

Coupang’s forward-looking eco-friendly plans

In the world of commerce, you can buy what you want anytime, anywhere. Coupang, who has been breaking the conventional wisdom in commerce, has become the main topic of discussion among ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scholars these days.

A ladder designed by Coupang for Coupang employees

This ladder is not like any ladder you've seen before. It's designed by Coupang for Coupang employees with safety in mind. Coupang takes employees' safety seriously and continuously improves its work environment. Watch the video now and learn more.